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Consulting Profile

Quality Systems Solutions Pty Ltd (QSOL) is an IT consulting group established in 1990 with a focus on industrial real-time computer systems, data networks and the complex integration issues associated with these systems.

QSOL has developed a repertoire of distinctive skills embodied in a team of very experienced consultants who have proven track records delivering advanced technology solutions for major corporations. QSOL is owned and operated by its consultants, offering our customers stability of personnel and access to their knowledge and experience throughout the life of these systems.

Our expertise covers the development of advanced technology solutions to meet the high robustness and long life cycle requirements of complex information, automation and network systems. Whether the solution requires a single site factory system or a thousand node WAN telemetry system QSOL has the skills and experience to assist.

QSOLs project portfolio extends across a broad range of industry sectors, including:


Our consultants wealth of experience gained in various industries and in a range of technical and management roles has equipped us to successfully perform and facilitate strategic technology planning, including:


QSOLs capabilities span the full project life cycle, including:


Our extensive experience is further enhanced by access to specialist consultant resources in related fields by means of QSOL's alliance relationships.

QSOL consultants have provided services to major corporations and organisations including:

  • BHP Steel

(now BlueScope Steel)

High reliability ATM backbone, switched process control networks, legacy equipment interfacing;

  • BHP Information Technology

Major bid network architecture design and major bid management;

  • Hughes Aircraft

Air traffic control LAN/WAN design;

  • Queensland Alumina

Network architecture and capacity review;

  • Provisional Airport Authority Hong Kong

Interface requirements definition, design review and analysis, post implementation problems analysis;

  • RAAF

Project management RAAF Base Area Networks implementations;

  • Western Mining Corporation

Uranium mine and processing facility network design review;

  • Sydney Water

Conceptual design of telemetry WAN and data processing sites LANs;

  • Optus

Project management;

  • DataFast Telecommunications

Network acceptance test plan development;

  • IBM

Sydney Olympics Games, development of network design standards and verification of network implementations.



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Software Products

Quality Systems Solutions Pty Ltd (QSOL) is a Value Added Reseller of Systems Integration Specialists Company, Inc. (SISCO) products.

Systems Integration Specialists Company, Inc. (SISCO) is a privately held company founded in 1983 that is dedicated to applying standards to address real-world problems in the electric utility, manufacturing, and automation industries. SISCO offers real-time communications and application integration products and services that are used world-wide in many industries by leading OEMs, system integrators, and end users.

SISCO's mission is to provide world-class, real-time communications and integration solutions to OEM and end-user customers in the energy utility, manufacturing, and other vertical industries based on open internationally accepted standards.

SISCO's products and services reduce the development cost, technical risk and time-to-market for our customers to adapt existing and emerging open standards-based technologies to build more robust, more open, and more cost-effective solutions for their mission critical products and systems.

In addition to the software products listed below SISCO and QSOL are able to assist clients with system integration services.

(Note: The product information links below will take you directly to the SISCO web site.)

 IEC61850 and Utility Communications Architecture 2.0 (UCA®): IEC61850. Is the new global standard for substation automation that incorporates the functionality of EPRI's Utility Communications Architecture (UCA®) V2.0 per IEEE TR1550. IEC61850 includes standardised communications services, object models, naming conventions, and an XML based substation configuration language (SCL) for self-describing intelligent electronic devices (IED) in substations.


Inter-control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP - TASE.2): * IEC60870-6 TASE.2. The Inter-control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) enables the exchange of real-time data in energy utilities for control centre integration and power plant dispatching. ICCP is supported by most major EMS and SCADA solutions and makes an excellent choice for getting real-time data into and out of SCADA/EMS.


Utility Integration Bus (UIB): A model-driven publish/subscribe based messaging system for enterprise application integration in utilities using popular middleware products based on EPRI's Common Information Model (CIM), Generic Interface Definition (GID), IEC61970, IEC61968, OMG, and OPC standards.


Products for the OSIsoft RtPM System based on PI that bring support of important industry standards to the RtPM/PI family of products for real-time performance management in the enterprise.

 Adapter for PI. Enables data in the popular PI System from OSIsoft to be viewed and accessed within the context of a data exchange model such as the Common Information Model (CIM) per IEC61970/IEC61968.

COMTRADE Utility for PI. Historizes data from COMTRADE files into the PI archive for display and analysis of waveform data using ProcessBook and other OSIsoft tools. Supports automatic COMTRADE file retrieval from intelligent electronic devices.


Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS): MMS is an international standard for real-time client/server communications per the ISO 9506 standard. Used in power system automation, industrial control, and material handling for postal automation.



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QSOL Contact Details


Postal Address:

Quality Systems Solutions Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 288

Figtree NSW 2525



Tel: +61 2 4227 5427

Fax: +61 2 4227 5428


E-Mail: Enquiries@qsol.com.au


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